Lead From The Power Of Your Own Story.

A comprehensive leadership development program for LGBTQIA professionals, activists, and allies designed to equip you, as a participant, with the skills to recognize your strengths and harness their full potential to empower yourself, your family, and the world. You will learn to lead using the power of your own unique story.

- Connect with people as they are. Let them know the power of the true ‘You’.

- Convert limitations to possibilities. Transform challenges into opportunities.

- Identify core strengths. Build and Amplify them as the strongest assets.

- Create a community of leaders. Impact positive and meaningful change in self, family, and the world.

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Our Participants

One of our main goals while launching a new class is always to bring diversity in the pool of candidates we are training. That helps to learn from the experience of people from other than your own field and also a great way of creating a personal and professional lifelong support network to help you grow in your life.

Our participants include people from various disciplines ranging from social entrepreneurs, doctors, artists, to many working in Fortune 500 organizations like Google and EY, etc. Of course, that's not the criteria to be a part of this amazing program but one key thing we look for is a desire and goal in the participants to make a positive change in their own skills and understanding as well as a willingness to learn.

Program Schedule

The Leading With Pride Program holds online coursework and weekend group meetings. Three of the group meetings are virtual and three are in person (Covid 19 conditions permitting).

Delhi and Bangalore programs start in early July.

There is a 10000 INR deposit required to participate which is fully refundable when you complete certification. Limited financial help may be available.

Contact us for program details.


The 2021 Bangalore and Delhi sessions are made possible by the generous partnership with Publicis Sapient and support of MIST

Join in partnership with us to learn to lead the change you want most in the world. Invest in yourself while we invest in you.

Delhi and Bangalore classes are full, Signup on our waitlist for future classes.

Contact us using the button given below.

We asked our recent participants to share their feedback on LWP program and this what they have to say about us.


Who can join this Program?

Leading With Pride is designed for early career self-identified LGBT+ and Ally professionals. Participants need to speak English and have basic writing and presentation skills. Some capability with MS Word and PowerPoint or similar tools is recommended.

How do you know Leading With Pride works?

  1. By what our alumni accomplish. Alumni from LWP have gone on to lead activist and business organizations. Several have given Ted Talks. Others have fulfilled their dreams of going on to advanced degrees.

  2. From the feedback of participants. Leading With Pride participants tells us that it works for them. The program has a net promoter score of over 90 and feedback like the testimonials shown on this webpage is frequent and passionate.

  3. From our assessments. In 2020 we implemented an objective assessment program. Each participant identifies an objective assessor or "observer" that completes a written assessment of the participant's leadership skills specific points in the program. Today, the assessors show that on average, leadership ratings of LWP participants increase by nearly 20% over the 6-month program.

How can we help?

Corporate sponsorships are available. Varying benefits are available based on the level and type of support. Benefits may include publicity, particularly on social media, access to participants information for recruiting purposes and training sessions tailored for employees. Volunteer positions for individuals can participate in various ways with Working With Pride assisting with Leading With Pride or other programs.

Support is available in the form of loans if needed. Participants are required to return the funding when certified or pay from their own pocket in the rare case they do not complete certification.